Creativity. Motivation. Culture.

Intangible Kitchen


“ one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.”

- Julia Child

The Intangible Kitchen is a unique experience that combines collaborative cooking with creative problem solving. Structured by Intangible’s innovation framework, this off-site is designed to combine the activities and benefits of a traditional cooking class with the types of lateral thinking, collaborative brainstorming, and intentional mind wandering that help teams achieve human-centered solutions.

Following this one day off-site, you will gain:

  • New and improved culinary skills and freedom in the kitchen

  • Team-building and motivation though the free sharing of ideas (and good food!)

  • Broader and richer perspective on the problem you aim to solve

  • Creative, human-centered solutions  

  • Inspiration and idea incubation

  • An illustrated scroll capturing all ideas generated throughout the day