Intangible Keynotes

Intangible Principal and Co-founder Corey Pressman has delivered keynote presentations to a wide variety of audiences in venues ranging from boardrooms to large theaters. Each time, we work with event organizers to craft a fun and inspiring presentation that weaves in relevant event-specific details and themes.

About Corey Pressman

Corey Pressman is Intangible’s emcee and keynote speaker. Corey taught Anthropology as a college professor for over 10 years. He has keynoted, presented, or emceed a variety of conferences including Google UXU, the Elevating Impact Summit (video above), and Digital Book World plus a myriad of smaller gatherings including fundraisers and academic events. Corey also appears regularly on KATU’s Afternoon Live.

At each event, Corey aspires to create the conditions for inspiration. Employing a blend of humor and the creative inclusion of event content, his strategy on stage is to get everyone leaning in, fully engaged, and ignited. Corey’s approach is to string together huh! and aha! moments in a fun and fast-paced manner. This is often accomplished by finding and illuminating the invisible threads connecting event content to greater themes in the arts and sciences.