Creativity. Motivation. Culture.




We partner with your project team to facilitate, co-create, and help ensure the most creative and actionable outcomes.



Sessions are designed to rapidly get your team activated, aligned, and motivated through a combination of presentations, creativity exercises, and interactive experiences.

1-2 HOUR SESSIONS provide a fun and engaging team event designed to spark creative thinking. Popular topics include How to Daydream, Poetry for Entrepreneurs, and our Synesthesia experience.

3-6 HOUR SESSIONS add collaborative ideation and incubation activities tailored for your real-world challenges or opportunities. Our favorite format for this is Intangible Kitchen.



We use our second party experience and perspective to facilitate and co-create with your team. Our workshops are structured to leverage episodes  of inquiry, ideation, and incubation to achieve truly creative solutions. 

Workshops can be easily customized and can last from one to three days. Here are some common workshops we’ve run recently:

NAVIGATION - We can collaborate to discover and articulate your core values and ambition. This can form the nexus of branding efforts, messaging platforms, campaigns, strategies, and business models.

COLLABORATION SUMMITS - Gather with potential collaboration partners to share knowledge and workshop the possibilities of partnership. This is a great way to investigate the use of new technologies, services, and methods with real-world subject matter experts.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS - Our approach promotes the types of creative thinking and rapid ideation required for your team to come away with real innovation.



As second party members of your project team, you can leverage our knowledge and expertise in a variety of scalable ways.

Project Partnership - The Intangible team can take the lead on scaffolding, managing, ideating, and co-creating solutions with your team from kick off to completion.

Project Team Integration - Embed one or more of us into your project team to add our knowledge and expertise.

Hourly Consulting and Facilitation - For one-off needs or just getting started, simply hire one or more of us at an hourly rate.